How to make a super simple responsive image gallery layout with flexbox

I’m excited by the possibilities brought by the new flexbox standard that has established itself amongst modern browsers. With good support for Internet Explorer 10+, and going back several years for other major browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox, it may just be time to consider making the move.

Learn how to build a super simple responsive image gallery and see the power of flexbox in action today.

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Fundamental Javascript: Controlling function and variable scope

Your Javascript will be deployed alongside scripts from other developers. Lets assume that those developers are neither as talented at writing Javascript, nor as conscientious as you are; they use generic function and variable names in the global scope. These Javascript developers just don’t mind if they play chaos with your carefully crafted script.

With a little extra knowledge, your carefully crafted Javascript can remain unsullied by the careless developer. Learn to limit and manage the scope and exposure of your variables and functions.

Learning this pattern will make you a good citizen amongst your peers, it will reduce the number of mystifying bugs you encounter and will guarantee your code will work long in to the future. Continue reading